Financial History

The patient’s current and past financial status can be affected by multiple factors. Some of these factors can include financial problems, such as debt or bankruptcy. Patients may display a history of inability to care for their finances. In these cases, it may be a benefit to the patient if a payee is assigned to manage the patient’s expenses.

Include information about any sources of income, such as social security disability, government assistance, and stable employment.

Support System

This section should address any relevant collateral contacts including family members, friends, relatives, neighbors, community members, religious leaders, outpatient treatment providers, case managers, and law enforcement officials. Document if the patient gives permission to the treatment team to speak with anyone listed in their chart, what the patient asks the team to reveal or speak about, as well as that person’s contact information, including a phone number.

It can be helpful, and prevent unnecessary family complaints to ED administration, if a process for alerting family or friends of the patient’s plan of care is implemented. Please refer to the chapter on discharge planning for further information.

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