Diagnostic Criteria

The following is a brief list of the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems (ICD), tenth edition (World Health Organization 1992) diagnosis and nomenclature for substance use and related disorders including intoxication and withdrawal. The list does not include the substance-and medication-induced mental disorders, for instance, substance- induced depressive disorder or substance-induced psychotic disorder. The list includes topics of interest that may not yet be included in the DSM-5.

  • ? Alcohol-related disorders (alcohol use disorder F10.10): Alcohol intoxication F10.129, alcohol withdrawal F 10.239, alcohol-induced disorders, other alcohol-induced disorders, unspecified alcohol-related disorder F10.99.
  • ? Caffeine-related disorders: Caffeine intoxication F15.929, caffeine withdrawal F15.93, other caffeine-induced disorders, unspecified caffeine-related disorders F15.99.
  • ? Cannabis-related disorders: Cannabis use disorder F12.1, F12.2, cannabis intoxication F12.129, cannabis withdrawal F12.288, other Cannabis Use disorders, unspecified cannabis use disorders-F12.99.
  • ? Hallucinogen-related disorders: Phencyclidine use disorder F16.10, other hallucinogen use disorder F16.10, phencyclidine intoxication F16.129, other hallucinogen intoxication F16.129, hallucinogen-persisting perception disorder (flashbacks F16.983), other phencyclidine-induced disorders, other hallucinogen-induced disorders, unspecified phencyclidine- related disorder F16.99, unspecified hallucinogen-related disorder F16.99.
  • ? Inhalant-related disorders: Inhalant use disorder F18.1, F18.2, inhalant intoxication F18.129, F18.229, F18.929, other inhalant-induced disorders, unspecified inhalant-related disorders F18.99.
  • ? Opioid-related disorders: Opioid use disorder F11.10, F11.20, opioid intoxication F11.129, F11.229, F11.929, opioid withdrawal F11.23, other opioid-induced disorders, unspecified opioid-related disorders F11.9.
  • ? Sedative hypnotic or anxiolytic-related disorders: Sedative hypnotic or anxiolytic use disorder F13.1, F13.2, sedative hypnotic or anxiolytic intoxication F13.129, F13.229, F13.929, sedative hypnotic or anxiolytic withdrawal F13.239, F13.232, sedative hypnotic or anxiolytic-induced disorders, unspecified sedative hypnotic or anxiolytic-related disorders F13.99.
  • ? Stimulant-related disorders: Stimulant use disorder F14, F15.10, F15.20, stimulant intoxication F15.129, F15.229. F15.929 and so on. stimulant withdrawal F14.23, F15.23, other stimulant-induced disorders, unspecified stimulant-related disorder F14.99, F15.99.
  • ? Tobacco-related disorders: Tobacco use disorder Z72.0, F17.20, tobacco withdrawal F17.203, other tobacco-induced disorders, unspecified tobacco-related disorder F17.209.
  • ? Other (or unknown) substance-related disorders: Other (or unknown) substance use disorder F19.1, F19.2, other (or unknown) substance intoxication F19.129, F19.229, F19.929, other (or unknown) substance withdrawal F19.239, other (or unknown) substance-induced disorders, unspecified other (or unknown) substance-related disorder F 19.99.
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