Scope of This Book

This book canvasses such issues and challenges, situating housing within the parameters of urban policy, governance and planning. We also recognise the wider role played by housing and the housing market, and the many policy arenas—such as finance, social welfare and health—which also intersect with housing in different ways. We maintain that a spatial policy lens is needed to recognise the locational aspects of housing provision and access—whilst also noting the policy dilemmas and risks associated with the increasing cleavages among housing finance, ownership and occupation/residency arising through globalisation. Thus, in this book we re-examine the role of urban policy and the planning system in relation to the housing market. We advance a role for urban policy makers and planners in responding to complex and dynamic market trends and supporting an efficient supply of appropriate homes in preferred locations; in guiding necessary long term renewal in response to social and environmental changes; and in supporting more direct government interventions in the housing market, such as funding for affordable housing provision. With reference to international cases from the UK, Europe, the USA, Asia and Australia, we also highlight the potential risks and limits of these roles and interventions. Our intention is to provide a critical analytical lens as well as practical guidance for urban policy makers and planners seeking to develop and implement a cohesive policy framework for monitoring and responding to housing market shifts and pressures, particularly at regional and local scales.

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