Planning Requirements and the Range of Affordable Housing Products

The availability of capital funding for affordable housing development— either public or private sector sources—is a major difference between jurisdictions. Figure 11.1 shows a range of housing products on a continuum of need and required subsidy from emergency housing (high need, high government subsidy requirements) through to market housing (moderate need, minimal subsidy). In general, the further down the continuum towards market housing, the lower the level of government subsidy required. When considering opportunities to use the planning system to secure affordable housing, the extent to which subsidy for particular housing models is required or needed becomes an i mportant consideration. This becomes an exercise in trade-offs determined in relation to the existing sources of affordable housing and the needs of a particular community versus the likely availability of capital funding for affordable housing construction. Without additional capital funding, all of the costs of delivering affordable housing units will need to be internalised as part of the planning and development process.

The following sections turn to operational considerations in planning for affordable housing.

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