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The Role of International Law in Monetary Affairs

Ernst Baltensperger and Thomas Cottier[1]

  • [1] The authors are most grateful to Tetyana Payosova, MLaw, Research Fellow, Department ofEconomic Law, World Trade Institute for her assistance in preparing the paper, and to Rosa M. Lastra,co-editor, for her review and valuable comments. 1 Rosa M. Lastra, Legal Foundations of International Monetary Stability (Oxford: Oxford UniversityPress 2006) 4—5; Tullio Treves, ‘Monetary Sovereignty Today’, in Mario Giovanoli (ed), InternationalMonetary Fund: Issues for the New Millennium (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2000) 111—18,at 111. 2 See for the role of the euro in the formation of European identity: Thomas Cottier and NathanielGreene, ‘The Symbolic and Political Significance of the Euro’, in L’integration Europeenne: Historiqueet Perspectives (European Integration: History and Perspectives) (Zurich: Schulthess, 2002) 163—77.
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