Structural Design

This paper consists of eight chapters. Beginning with the introduction, the scope of the research is provided in chapter 1. Chapter 2 outlines the theoretical background underlying this work, culminating in a summary of hypotheses in chapter 3. Chapter 4 supplies information on the methodological approach applied during this work. Chapter 5 introduces the data analysis followed by the demonstration of results in chapter 6. Study findings are discussed and critically reviewed in chapter 7. Summarizing this work, chapter 8 provides conclusions of the study outcomes and articulates probable limitations. Implications for theory and practice complete this work. Figure 1 illustrates the work’s structure.


The motivation for this work derives from a practical point of view as international corporations prefer to form teams based on capabilities rather than local availability. Therefore, the presented research adds to theory and practice in many ways assisting corporations to effectively lead followers from a physical distance. Following scientific guidelines, the study is clustered in eight chapters, each starting with a short introduction and ending with a brief chapter summary.

Figure 1. Structural Design of the Dissertation

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