Descriptive demographic characteristics of followers

As with leaders, direct followers were asked to respond to questions on sociodemographic topics. Investigations of gender, age, and tenure with leader are described in this section. One question on location (country, city) of their permanent office was included as this is essential for determining the physical distance, in addition to a question on whether leader and follower have permanent office spaces in the same building.

Out of the sample of total 372 respondents, 81 individuals (21.78%) were female and 291 (78.23%) were male. The mean age of participants was noted with 37 years (36.66). The age distribution ranged from the youngest candidate being 19 years old and the oldest being 63 (SD = 9.72). Tenure with leader was examined by the question “How many years have you been on this leader’s team?” The average tenure was 2.60 years, varying from 0.5 years to 16.00 years (SD = 2.20). Nearly 90% of followers (n = 334) confirmed being on their leader’s team five years or less. [1]

More than half of the participants indicated having their permanent desk located in either Liechtenstein (37.63%) or Switzerland (24.19%). Other workplaces were specified as being located in India (9.41%), Germany (8.60%), Austria (7.52%), Italy (3.49%), Taiwan (3.23%), and China (2.69%). A low percentage of locations was accounted for by Singapore (1.34%), Russia (0.81%), Portugal (0.54%), Thailand (0.32%), and the United States (0.32%).

  • [1] Indirect and administrative areas include Sales/Customers Service (18.0%), Finance/ Accounting (8.2%), Human Resources (6.6%), Research and Development (5.7%), Market-ing/Communication (5.7%), and Information Technology (2.5%).
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