Drivers of iKBE in Qatar

There are four main dimensions that are driving Qatar’s economy into a iKBE: 1— Qatar National Vision 2030, 2—World Cup 2022 and the associated mega projects, 3—instability of oil and gas prices, and 4—regional growth and competition for skills, products, and investments in the GCC region mainly led by UAE and Saudi Arabia.

Qatar is increasingly investing in knowledge development within its boundary, either through home-grown manpower or through collaborative efforts from research centres from around the world. The country’s investment in research and development, education and information, and communication technology is expected to create the environment for innovation and knowledge-based economy formation. The promotion of a new economy is also supported through the establishment of international universities, science and technology parks, tax-exempt free zones, and relaxed employment recruitments in the tax free zones.

Since engineering and technology are the very heart of innovation and transformation in a innovation and knowledge-based economy, producing the next generation of engineering talent with the needed set of skills is crucial. Hence, is the importance of this investigation conducted in Qatar in light of contextual needs and global advances in engineering innovation and education.

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