The Importance of Leadership Skills for iKBE Development

Transition from a resource-based to innovation- and knowledge-based economy is a highly dynamic and complex process. Leaders and stakeholders driving such transformation would be significantly immersed into situations and cases that require multiple leadership attributes. Several issues such as visioning, decision-making, micro- and macroperceptions, creativity, innovation, problem-solving, systemic thinking, implementation and monitoring, driving motivation, etc., would be involved in day-to-day aspects of job functions of iKBE transformers. In particular, policy makers and engineering and technical forces are the core of transformation stakeholders. This would highlight the significance of leadership attributes for these stakeholders. Further details on leadership will be provided in subsequent chapters of the book.


Engineering and technology are vital cores of innovation and knowledge-based economies. Several countries worldwide are actively seeking a rapid transformation into iKBE, and this book aims to assist engineering education systems for better development of engineering curriculum and graduate attributes allied with contextual engineering talent needs. This chapter provided an overview of the book scope, objectives, and outcomes in the light of innovation- and knowledge-based economy transformation.

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