The Interrelation Between Twenty-First-Century Engineering Competencies and Leadership Attributes

Throughout the review, a correlation has been identified by the global set of twenty-first-century iKBE attributes and leadership attributes. Leadership most of the times is summed into one term which is “leadership”; however, a deeper look on the literature of leadership space reveals a significant amount of attributes. In this book, a more critical view of leadership attributes and models is provided and has been interlinked with the global literature on twenty-first-century iKBE skills. For instance, twenty-first-century skills such as communications, teamwork, and problem-solving are core leadership attributes that are found in almost any leadership models. Furthermore, the engineering education community has been progressively developing various programmes and interventions in the engineering education curricula in order to equip future engineering graduates with leadership skills. Further details on this subject are provided in the next chapter.

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