Effective Leaders

Leaders are people who act as guides for groups of people bringing them together to unleash their potential. They are risk-taking and able to learn from mistakes and failures (Bonasso 2001). The best leaders are inspiring visionaries, with flair and

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M. Abdulwahed and M.O. Hasna, Engineering and Technology Talent for Innovation and Knowledge-Based Economies,

DOI 10.1007/978-3-319-46439-8_3

attractive personalities. Effective leaders also possess efficient management skills as essential for enabling realization of the visions and missions they drive. Effective leaders empathize with people, and always aim to take advantage of new opportunities. Effective leaders are masters of emotional intelligence, and they apply it in order to get the best out of each member of the team (Chieh 2012).

Characteristics and Attributes of Leadership

Characteristics associated with leadership can be classified into three categories: personality traits, motives, and cognitive factors. These required characteristics for leadership are caused by a combination of heredity and environment (Dubrin 2007).

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