Engineering Leadership’ Education, Programs, and Training

Leadership development should be as an integral part of the educational program of engineering colleges worldwide. To meet this current need, this can best be accomplished by various strategies as promising steps forward in that context. Many engineering leadership education and development programs have been utilized in different universities and countries. These programs are typically composed of coursework, workshops, seminars, and assignments.

Examples of international good practice in engineering leadership education are grouped into several categories; explicit programs, where engineering leadership development is the primary explicit objective; non-explicit programs, where the engineering leadership development is embedded within a broader remit (Graham et al. 2009); and corporate programs.

Explicit Academic Programs

One of the good practices with an “explicit” leadership objective is the Gordon- MIT Engineering Leadership Program at MIT. The program combines a suite of educational activities to develop the leadership capabilities of the undergraduate engineers at MIT with a broader national role to improve the leadership capabilities of future US engineering graduates. In pursuit of these goals, the program has already secured external funding of $20 m. Another example is the engineering leadership program at Iowa State University and Leadership in a Technological Environment at Monash University, Australia. This program offers a three-year co-curricular leadership development experience to the top tier of engineering students with the highest entry qualifications.

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