Industry Advisory Boards (IAB) for Engineering Schools: An Advanced Industry Advisory and Strategic Partnership (IASP) Model

Industry advisory boards are becoming increasingly part of engineering education schools; the movement was in particular pushed through the ABET accreditation agency that required engineering colleges and departments to have an industry advisory board. In this section, an advanced model of an industry advisory board that aims at developing strategic partnership is provided. In this model, the IAB is recalled as Industry Advisory and Strategic Partnership (IASP) board.

IASP Board Vision

The IASP board vision is to formulate a competent engineering and technology partnership model with industry and government as a catalyst for sustainable socio-economic development.

IASP Board Mission

The IASP board mission is to transform linkage and collaboration, between college of engineering and industry-government sector, into a strategic partnership at all related aspects of mutual benefits and national, regional, or global priority.

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