IASP Board Strategic Objectives

There are three main strategic objectives of the IASP board:

  • 1. Strategic Objective 1: Partner for the development of engineering and technology capacity and talent;
  • 2. Strategic Objective 2: Foster mutual transfer of technology, innovation, knowledge, experience, and assets between college of engineering and industry- government sector;
  • 3. Strategic Objective 3: Fund-raising resources for the development of partnership implementation strategic initiatives and projects.

IASP Board Strategic Partnership Areas of Focus

There are four main strategic partnership areas of focus in which implementation actions, strategic initiatives, and projects will be geared into:

  • 1. Area 1—Capacity Building: partnership for capacity building and talent management:
    • (a) Engineering/STEM education and outreach in K-12;
    • (b) Engineering and technology education in the college;
    • (c) Engineering and technology professional and lifelong learning programmes;
  • 2. Area 2—Research and Development: Partnership in joint applied research and decolopment:
    • (a) Engineering and technology policy-level research (education, innovation, linkage, talent management, and development);
    • (b) Applied technical development for industry problems;
    • (c) Joint research and development centres and innovation hubs (iHubs);
  • 3. Area 3—Transfer: mutual technology, innovation, knowledge, and assets transfer (m-TIKAT):
    • (a) Mobility/transfer of academics, industry professionals, and students;
  • (b) Maximization of utilization of resources and assets in all sectors (expertise, laboratories, equipment, workshops, and seminars);
  • (c) Technology innovation and entrepreneurship (in large enterprise entrepreneurial activities), and entrepreneurship (start-ups and SMEs focus).
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