IASP Board Structure and Process of Development

The IASP board structure is composed of the following:

  • 1. IASP Steering Board: Strategic committee composed of top executives and decision-makers;
  • 2. IASP Implementation Board: Implementation committee composed of senior managers and technical expertise;
  • 3. IASP Funds: Funds for sponsoring agreed on joint strategic initiatives and projects.

Process management and implementation of the IASP board is composed of the following subsystems:

  • • IASP strategic guidelines and decision-making system;
  • • IASP planning and implementation system
  • • IASP quality assurance and evaluation system.

IASP Funds

The IASP funds can be established as a finance contribution from industry and government organizations for funding strategic initiatives/projects emerging from the IASP board decisions in order to implement its vision, mission, and strategic objectives. The IASP funds will be managed by the IASP steering board jointly with the college of engineering.

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