IASP Steering Board Membership

The IASP board is composed of senior-level and decision-making executives from the following:

  • Government
  • Industry
  • Health Sector
  • Finance Sector
  • Mega Projects and Initiatives (National, regional, or global)
  • Private Sector
  • Professional Organizations
  • College of Engineering Management
  • Third Party:
  • - Regional and international expertise from academia;
  • - Regional and international expertise from industry;
  • - Regional and international expertise from government.

IASP Implementation Board

The supplementary board is the implementation management arm of the IASP board. Each of the IASP board members will elect a representative for the implementation board. Actions and strategic projects/initiatives agreed on by the IASP board will be communicated to the implementation board for execution and management of implementation. The implementation board will meet twice a semester, and implementation subgroups may meet more when needed.

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