Incepting Disruptive Transformations in a College of Engineering for a iKBE: The TIEE Concept

The Technology Innovation and Engineering Education (TIEE) is an evolving organizational engineering and technology structure in Qatar University, see concepts’ details in (Abdulwahed and Hasna 2012; Abdulwahed et al. 2015). The TIEE concept (interchangeably utilized in this book is also as an acronym of technology innovation, entrepreneurship, and education) has been developed in particular taking Qatar National Vision 2030 and the transformation into a iKBE at the very core, and to enable the college to better respond to these emerging needs of the country. In this section, the concept of TIEE is provisioned as an example of organizational structure development for other engineering education institutions that aim to play key roles in innovation and development. The concept is derived from similar global examples; it is generic and can be deployed elsewhere with slight modifications. The TIEE concept is in particular vital for engineering institutions in the Middle East as a vehicle for economic and technological development.

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