Methodologies: Qualitative Approach

For the qualitative part, in-depth semi-structured interviews were held to determine all targeted stakeholders’ perceptions. In-depth interviews encourage detailed responses to open-ended questions due to the verbal nature and the ability to have a private or semi-private interaction. Furthermore, the direct interaction permits elaboration on the questions and clarification of any issues. The aim of interviews is to gather qualitative data without concerns on its generalizability; thus, small number of interviews is normally conducted.

Aims of Interviews

The interviews were planned to be the first step in Phase I of the project. Findings were used to fine-tune survey instruments of Phase II as necessary. Interviews are the main step in achieving most of the objectives of Phase I.

Invitations and Appointments

Members from industry have been contacted to schedule appointments for the interviews. Selected students and faculty members have been approached within QU campus for the interview.

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