Interview Procedures

Interviews are planned to be semi-structural, face-to-face interactions in the working location of the interviewee, possibly through the phone if the first option was not feasible. Trained interviewers/researchers conducted interviews following an interview protocol. Probing questions were asked whenever necessary to collect more detailed information and to clarify any issues. Respondents’ permission was obtained for audio recording of the interviews, transcribing, and thematic analysis.

Demographics of Qualitative Data

Qualitative data analysis was carried out according interviews. The total number of interviews is 36 interviews, 7 faculty members, 11 students, and 18 industry representatives (some of the interviews were group interviews).


For the faculty members’ interviews, one from each of the following disciplines was interviewed: chemical engineering, mechanical and industrial engineering, and the architectural and urban planning programme. Also, two faculty members from each of the following were interviewed: computer science and computer engineering, and civil engineering. The majority of faculty members have 18+ years of experience in teaching engineering students and 2+ years in teaching engineering students in Qatar University (QU). All faculty members interviewed have teaching experience outside Qatar/QU, and the majority have working experience in industry.

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