Interview Questions/Protocols

The interview protocols were developed based on the objective of the study and published interview protocols of other studies in the literature. The introduction of each protocol is intended for the interviewer to introduce him/herself and define the research objectives for the respondent. This was followed by a set of open-ended questions. Each interview protocol had a set of questions classified under different domains as summarized in Table 6.2.

Methodology of Analysis

First, the interviews done were transcribed. Interview transcripts were paraphrased and organized into key points, and the frequency of occurrence of each point was noted. After that, each key point was coded using themes/codes that represent it and key points were rearranged according to theme/code. Then, each key point was checked that it was under the theme/code that best represented it, and finally, key points under each theme were further categorized into subcategories.

Table 6.2 Interview question domains


Senior Students



Alumni/ Practicing

Human resources


Background information

Engineering in working place

Graduate competencies

Engineering graduates

Engineering education

Engineering students

Quality assurance and linkage to country needs

Future of engineering needs in Qatar

Recruitment and employment requirements

Job applications

Engineering graduates preparedness

Links with universities/ industries


Concluding remarks

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