Gap Analysis and Critical Discussion

Current Most Important Skills for the Engineering Workplace in Qatar

Stakeholders’ qualitative feedback reported the particular importance of the following skills set currently: communications, teamwork, practical experience, management, lifelong learning, ICT, and disciplinary engineering knowledge. Quantitative reporting of skills importance in the workplace was obtained via two approaches:

  • 1. Rating on a like-hart scale and
  • 2. Asking the stakeholder groups to write down top important skills needed for the workplace.

Both quantitative approaches revealed a close set of competencies in terms of importance for the workplace (see Tables 7.20 and 7.21).


Industry in general highly values the following set of skills (those appeared in both quantitative approaches): communications, teamwork, practical experience, disciplinary knowledge, ethics, professionalism, and problem-solving.

Other important competencies for industry (that appeared in either quantitative or qualitative feedback) include the following: lifelong learning, professionalism, foreign languages, decision-making, critical thinking, and leadership.

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