Students Perceptions: Males, Females, Nationals, and Non-nationals

Descriptive statistics showed that students agreed that most of the teaching styles mentioned are useful for the engineering practice with means close to 4 “agree” for both males and females. In general, females have had slightly higher means than males for most of the asked styles; however, a statistically significant difference was detected for two styles only: group assignments and instructor office hours. From nationality perspective, there was non-statistically significant difference in styles between nationals and non-nationals.

Senior Students Versus Junior Engineers

Descriptive statistics showed that junior engineers have higher perceptions than senior students for the majority of asked styles. Senior students’ perception was lower only for two styles (no statistically significant difference): “instructor office hours” and “tutorial sessions”. A statistically significant difference was found in favour of junior engineers for the following styles: group study, internship training experience, oral presentation, practical examinations, and written examinations (see Table 7.26).

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