Qualitative Perspectives on Industry-Academia Linkage

The majority of interviewed stakeholders (industry and faculty) highlighted how important it is for the educational institutions to have links and collaborations with the industry. Several reasons for the importance of collaboration with industry which includes have been reported as follows:

  • • Students will have a better chance of practical training;
  • • Graduates will have higher chances of getting accepted for work;
  • • Industries will give a feedback on the quality of its graduates, and the university will be aware of the modifications they need to do on the curriculum to suit the industry needs;
  • • It enhances the image of the university by sending a message that the university has qualified professors and students;
  • • It will enable faculty to get more insight on the industry, in particular for those who does not have industry experience;

• It will enable higher collaboration between academia and industry in terms of

R&D, and knowledge and technology transfer; and

• Overall, it enhances the engineering education experience and curriculum.

Several faculties reported that they have already some links with industry, in particular through senior design projects or research projects. Faculty members also suggested a number of ways in which linkages with industry can be established or enhanced, such as (1) joint conferences/seminars/lectures; (2) senior projects related to industry; (3) research projects; (4) establishment of a dedicated office; (5) field visits; (6) sponsorship/internships of students; (7) industry chair positions.

It is also worth mentioning that industry has reported that QU could also offer industry consultations, training, certificate, etc. in professional emerging areas in their sectors based on assets and expertise of existing faculty. For instance, some of the proposed areas were in management, energy systems, risks, etc.

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