Gap # 3 Engineering Graduates-Academia Gaps

Industry and faculty members ’ perception towards students showed many gaps that were mainly highlighted when they were asked to compare males versus females, nationals versus non-nationals, and Qatar University versus other universities in Qatar (see Fig. 7.5).

Genders comparison: Industry and/or faculty members stated that females are better than males in terms of motivation, academic performance, and GPA, being more organized with better planning and management skills and so more prepared to field work.

Nationality comparison: Overall, there was a gap in terms of nationality identified, and non-nationals perceived to achieve academically higher. This might be attributed to the fact that overall, they are admitted on more competitive basis and those selected are already having relatively higher competencies levels collectively.

Engineering graduates-academia situational gap

Fig. 7.5 Engineering graduates-academia situational gap

Universities comparison: Faculty members stated that other universities’ graduates are better equipped with management and leadership skills in addition of being more motivated. Qatar university graduates were perceived to have higher theoretical and technical knowledge than graduates of other universities in Qatar.

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