Gap Identifications: The Implications

There are a number of implications that can be inducted from the gaps identifications and has been conducted in this study, which are as follows:

  • 1. Engineering education institutions in Qatar should focus more on developing engineering graduates with innovation and knowledge-based competencies in order to meet 2030 emerging needs in the country;
  • 2. Overall, engineering education institutions in Qatar should enhance the competency levels of current graduates to further meet the workplace needs;
  • 3. Clearer employability tracks should be investigated for non-national engineering graduates in Qatar, in close communications and collaboration between the academia and industry sectors;
  • 4. Practical and industry-based experience should be more integrated in engineering and technology curricula of engineering schools in Qatar;
  • 5. Further investigations on motivation aspects of engineering graduates (root analysis and interventions testing) should be conducted in Qatar;
  • 6. The engineering curricula in Qatar should become more adaptive/personalized in order to address the identified gaps in engineering graduates in terms of gender and nationality.
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