Temporal Strategic Control System: Current-Tactical-and Strategic

Based on the project findings, identified gaps, literature reviews, contextual analysis, and various consolidated observations and feedbacks, we propose a temporal strategic control system described in the subsections below, as shown in Fig. 7.6. The proposed framework here can function as a national road map for enabling higher order and level of contributions of engineering and technology in driving innovation and knowledge-based economy in the state of Qatar.

Temporal control system

Fig. 7.6 Temporal control system

Current Interventions, Outcomes, and Implementations

Establishing Technology Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Education (TIEE): Establishing TIEE organizational structures in existing engineering education institutions in Qatar is highly recommended. The main duties of these structures are to bridge gaps identified in engineering graduates and work as an effective organizational interface between academia and industry. Such structures will also introduce and scale up innovative engineering pedagogies in engineering curricula in Qatar, and drive technological innovation, engineering design, and technology start-ups from academia, transforming existing engineering colleges into innovation and entrepreneurial entities. Some emerging technology start-ups from academia are expected by the end of this stage.

Establishing a High Level National Academia-Industry-Government Tech. Innovation Steering Taskforce: The proposed taskforce will enable higher level of communications, coordination, development, and strategic implementations of a National Tech. Innovation and Entrepreneurship Roadmap across the three major enabling sectors (government, industry, and academia), or what we call the tech. innov. and enter. triangle, building upon existing assets and programmes.

Tactical Interventions, Outcomes, and Implementations

In this stage, a consensus over a National Tech. Innovation and Entrepreneurship Roadmap has been achieved and several pilot implementations are taking place across all involved key sectors (government, industry, and academia). Significant increase in government-enabling programmes and incentives, financial-enabling ecosystem, industrial transformations into iKBE activities, tech. start-ups, tech. transfer, patenting, industry-academia joint projects, etc. is expected during this stage.

Strategic Interventions, Outcomes, and Implementations

In this stage, the National Tech. Innovation and Entrepreneurship Roadmap is being implemented on a large scale. The aforementioned expectations in the tactical stage are envisaged to grow in scale, quality, and economic-added value in this stage.

Closed-Loop System: Input-Process-Output

We propose a closed-loop system in which developments, pilots, implementations, roadmaps, recommendations, programmes, etc. emerge from the proposed National

Tech. Innovation Steering Taskforce and the National Tech. Innovation and Entrepreneurship Roadmap to be reported, monitored, evaluated, and revised on periodic basis. From systems and control theory perspectives, the closed-loop control approach will enable higher robustness of outcomes against emerging uncertainties and will keep developments in track with agreed on objectives and visions.

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