Beyond the Sole of Academia on the Road to 2030: The Technology, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship Triangle

Obviously, engineering academic intuitions should aim to produce the best fit of Engineers 2030 for the country needs. However, in addition to developing competent knowledge-based engineering education systems for 2030 in the academic side, we believe that a innovation and knowledge-based economy (iKBE) can be led and grown rapidly through focus on integrating academia, industry, and government in a systematic implementation road of technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Hence, one of the major themes emerging as a recommendation from the project is to form a high-level strategic national innovation steering committee composed of members from the three sectors. Initial conceptualization of road maps to emerge from such committee has been discussed earlier in the previous section and has been visualized in Fig. 8.4.

Initial conceptualization of an innovation steering committee road map

Fig. 8.4 Initial conceptualization of an innovation steering committee road map


This chapter provided main highlights of the project and the next steps further to build upon its findings. There were four main themes involving conceptual models: 1—aspirational education system for iKBE, 2—implementation arm for engineering education systems, 3—future investigation on the upper levels of the competencies pyramid, and 4—beyond the sole of academia, towards an integration of industry-government-academia in a technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship triangle for meeting iKBE transformation.

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