Reactive oxygen species : signaling between hierarchical levels in plants

PrefaceMultiscale Hierarchical ProcessesCoupled Systems, Hierarchy and EmergencePrinciples of SynergeticsAxiomatic Motivation of Rate EquationsRate Equations in PhotosynthesisTop down and Bottom up SignalingPhotophysics, Photobiology and PhotosynthesisLight Induced State DynamicsLight Induced Transition Probabilities and Rate EquationsAbsorption and Emission of LightRelaxation Processes and Fluorescence DynamicsDecay Associated Spectra (DAS)Rate Equations and Excited State Dynamics in Coupled SystemsSimulation of Decay-Associated SpectraExcited States in Coupled PigmentsForster Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET)Light-Harvesting, Energy and Charge Transfer and Primary Processes of PhotosynthesisAntenna Complexes in Photosynthetic SystemsThe Light-Harvesting Complex of PS II (LHCII) of Higher PlantsThe LH1 and LH2 of Purple BacteriaThe Fenna-Matthews-Olson (FMO) Complex of Green Sulfur BacteriaPhycobilisomes in CyanobacteriaAntenna Structures and Core Complexes of A.marinaFluorescence Emission as a Tool for Monitoring PS II FunctionExcitation Energy Transfer and Electron Transfer Steps in Cyanobacteria Modeled with Rate EquationsExcitation Energy and Electron Transfer in Higher Plants Modelled with Rate EquationsNonphotochemical Quenching in Plants and CyanobacteriaHierarchical Architecture of PlantsFormation and Functional Role of Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS)Generation, Decay and Deleterious Action of ROSDirect !AgO2 Generation by Triplet-triplet InteractionThe O27H2O2 SystemH2O2 and Formation of !AgO2 and Other Reactive Species like HOThe HO RadicalMonitoring of ROSExogenic ROS SensorsSpin TrapsGenetically Encoded ROS SensorsElectrochemical BiosensorsSignaling Role of ROSROS Signaling in Coupled Nonlinear SystemsSignaling by Superoxide and Hydrogen Peroxide in CyanobacteriaSignaling by Singlet Oxygen and Hydrogen Peroxide in Eukaryotic Cells and PlantsROS and Cell Redox Control and Interaction with the Nuclear Gene ExpressionROS as Top down and Bottom up MessengersStoichiometric and Energetic Considerations and the Role of EntropyThe Entropy in the Ensemble of Coupled PigmentsSecond Messengers and Signaling Molecules in H2O2 Signaling Chains and (Nonlinear) NetworkingROS-Waves and Prey-Predator ModelsOpen questions on ROS Coupling in Nonlinear SystemsThe Role of ROS in EvolutionThe Big Bang of the EcosphereComplicated Patterns Result from Simple Rules but Only the Useful Patterns are StableGenetic Diversity and Selection Pressure as Driving Forces for EvolutionOutlook: Control and Feedback in Hierarchic Systems in Society, Politics and EconomicsBibliography
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