CCSSM Resources: A blog about resources related to CCSSM implementation (http://

Diane Ravitch: A site to discuss better education for all. Ravitch’s blog posts conversations on issues impacting education and social justice (

Larry Feriazzo, EdWeek: Readers’ questions on issues facing teachers are answered (http://

Hands-On: Online Resources for Mathematics

Electronic worksheets for grades K—High School Geometry: o?partner=google&phrase=Search%20-%20math%20worksheets&gclid=CLDistTImbgCFWR p7AodjBIATA

Interactive Whiteboards

Promethean Planet:

Smart Exchange:

Math Websites for Interactive Whiteboards (most, if not all, are free): http://www. Free Interactive Whiteboard Teacher tools: National Library of Virtual Manipulatives: A digital library containing Java applets and activities for K-12 mathematics. Just download the free trial version, and you can use as often as necessary (

Set the Manipulatives Free: This site has many resources for using manipulatives (http:// Here are samples:

Activities for Manipulatives Grades 4-5: RR.09.98/loewen2.html

Hand Made Manipulative Instructions htm

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