Additional Videos

Andrew Stadel 3-Act Math Tasks: wjYBudG9LeXRad0lHM0E0VFRyOEtRckVvM1E#gid=0 Dan Myer’s Graphing Stories in Three Acts:

Dan Meyer’s Table of list of Three-Act Math Tasks: ?key=0AjIqyKM9d7ZYdEhtR3BJMmdBWnM2YWxWYVM1UWowTEE#gid=0 Graphing Linear Equations—Full Body Style (Eighth Grade): Jerry Becker’s Listserve: For up-to-date information on educational issues (jerry-p-becker- bigb-l@listserv. siu.ed).

Mental Math—Decomposing Two-digit Numbers (Third Grade): Statistical Analysis to Rank Baseball Players (High School): Yummy Math: Provides real-life activities organized by content and grade levels (http://www

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