Georgine begins the next day with a review of the graphing lesson.

Jose: Yesterday, we made a graph to see how many people liked different kinds of food from

Taco Bell.

Melvin: We also had to make up questions.

Georgine: Let’s have someone share a question and then show us how to answer it.

Allan: I have one. How many more people liked tacos than chalupas? There are 53 who like

tacos and 24 liked chalupas. I can show you how I do that. I can’t do 3 take away 4 so I make it 50 + 13 take away 34. Now 13 take away 4 is 9 and 50 take away 30 is 20, so my answer is 29.

Georgine: Thanks. Any questions for Allan? (Silence.) Would anyone else like to share?

Mira: How about, I have 19 burritos and 24 chalupas. Tell how many people liked burritos

and chalupas. I did this with the blocks. (She goes up to the front to manipulate the blocks.) First I have the 4 and the 9 little ones that give me 13, so that gives me 1 plus 1 plus 2 tens, and that makes 43.

Georgine: Thank you. Any questions for Mirna? (Silence.) What we are going to do today is to come to agreement on the elements of a good bar graph so that we can assess each other’s graphs. I’m going to ask each table to share something you need to have on your graph. Let’s begin with Maria’s group.

Maria: Well, they have to show numbers and types of food.

Sara: The names of the food—they should go on the bottom.

Georgine: Bottom of what?

Sara: They go on the bottom of the line.

Georgine: How many lines does the graph have?

Mario: Two.

Georgine: Two lines, like this? (She draws two nonperpendicular intersecting lines.)

Roberto: No. One has to be vertical, and the other one is horizontal.

Juan: When we do the graph, we should use a ruler to measure and to keep it neat.

Mario: We need a title too.

Georgine: Now we have to decide on total points. How many points should all the parts add up to?

Mirna: Let’s go up to 100 points.

Jose: Let horizontal line with label get 15 points.

Roberto: Vertical line, 15 points, too.

Georgine: Suppose a student makes the lines but forgets to label. What will you do?

Mary: Take away five points and give only ten points.

Sandra: The title should be about ten points.

Jessica: Then give ten points each for each question, so that’s 30 points there.

Georgine: What else do we need?

Melvin: The bar graphs. We got 30 points left, so make each of them ten points.

Georgine: Ok. Now I am going to give each group the graph from a different group to grade. I want you to decide with your group the number of elements that are present and to then determine the grade for the graph. Refer to your rubric on the board.

Georgine starts writing on boards . . .

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