1. Tim’s profile was written by Katharine Owens and updated by Yvelyne Germain-McCarthy.


The following two articles provide additional information on Native American culture and


Rogers, C., and A. McLendon. (2015). Shayla: A portrait of the schooling experiences of an Eastern Band of Cherokee Indian Youth. Multicultural Perspectives, 17(4): 190-197.

Warner, C. (2015). Shayla: A Study of Social Studies Standards for American Indian Education. Multicultural Perspectives, 17(3): 125-132.

In addition:

TODOS: Mathematics for ALL: An international professional organization that advocates for equity and excellence in mathematics education for all students—in particular, Latina/o students (http://www.

Educators of Native American Students (EONAS): EONAS is a special-interest group of TODOS. Like TODOS, it is an advocate for equity and high-quality mathematics education for all students, in particular Native American students ( SpecialInterestGroups/eonas_bylaws.pdf).

Vaughn Vargas on Protecting Lakota Culture with Science, Tech, Engineering & Math: Native Americans have been largely absent from the science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields. Vaughn Vargas explores how traditional Native American culture and STEM can have a mutually beneficial connection (

Resources on Rockets

Handmade rockets and launcher:

Germain-McCarthy, Y. and I. Gill. (2015). Bringing the Common Core Standards to Life: Exemplary Practice from High Schools. New City, NY: Tyler and Taylor Group Eye on Education (154-191).

NASA Rockets website: Instructions for making paper rockets and building the launcher used by Gill (2015) in the preceding reference ( Pop_Rockets.pdf).

Paper Rockets: Video for launching paper rockets ( org/baa-steam/math-initiatives/paper-rockets).

Exploratorium Rocket: html

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