Life-Long Learning Laboratory

Because of the nature of how quickly information is being generated and continually updated, those of us interested in promoting best practices have to be life-long learners. By so doing, we acknowledge that we do not have all of the answers and are eager to continue our quest to learn. The Life-Long Learning Laboratory (L4) is a concept I’ve created for the discussion of topics for

which there are no black or white answers—literally. Such discussions can take place wherever those with a growth mindset are interested in learning about and resolving issues in our society. Depending on how much time we have to create it, L4 could be staged in any area where we gather to discuss issues that are on a clipboard, written on paper that are then dropped in a discussion box, or an actual cyber space. I also envision subspaces within L4 for categories of issues, such as Curriculum, Pedagogy, Assessment, Racism, Equity, and so on. Some criteria for joining this community are as follows: (1) Learners enter L4 with a growth mindset positioned to learn from research or everyday experiences to guide decisions affecting our practices. (2) Learners leave L4 by contributing research results or more researchable questions and/or with ideas on how to begin to address some of the issues—which they pledge to begin putting into action the next day, if possible—and then revising when necessary. Because it is a space for brainstorming, expect that expressions or comments may often time seem awkward or unpolished-and that is OK!

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