The Dating Process

“I don' have a girlfriend. I just know a lady who would get really angry if she heard me say that.”-

Mitch Hedberg, Comedian

Like it or not, the dating process follows a somewhat rigid process. You meet girl, ask girl on date, correspond with girl, set up date with girl, correspond with girl, set up second date with girl, repeat until eventually you bring girl home with you, and at some point you decide if you’re exclusive, non-exclusive, a casual couple, fuck buddies, soul-mates, or never want to see each other ever again.

There are exceptions to this process, and the process can be sped up to a degree, but more or less, there’s a courtship process that we all must follow.

Our culture has kind of defined a procedure for these things, and any man who wishes to be successful dating and seducing women needs to be aware of the procedure as well as knowing when he can or can’t cut some corners.

The process almost always involves the following: trading of contact details along with following up, dates, either bringing her home or going home with her, having sex, and then figuring out what kind of relationship (if any) will result. In certain instances, the contact details and date can be forgone and you can bring her home (or go home with her) the day/night you meet her. But these cases are rare, usually involve meeting a woman in a party or night club situation and we won’t get into a whole lot of depth about it.

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