Contemporary Colombian Comics Artists, Groups, and Events

Colombian comics have increased in number by the concerted effort of groups and individuals who make up the industry. In comparison to the incredibly large numbers presented by American comics production behemoths Marvel and DC, which may reach numbers in the millions of issues, and earnings for the entire industry almost reaching a billion dollars (Rhoades 2008; 2015), the Colombian comics world is minimal, even desperate. Although this overview of contemporary Colombian comics artists, groups, and events is far from complete, we nonetheless hope to provide some of Colombian comic book creators with the exposure and acknowledgment they deserve.


There are some independent artists of renown in Colombia and abroad, among them Carlos Granda, Fernando Suarez, and Champe Ramirez. Granda, working freelance for various US companies, is undoubtedly the most famous Colombian comic book artist. He is currently drawing the Pirouette series, for which Champe Ramirez does the coloring. Fernando Suarez has worked doing caricatures in newspapers in Colombia and has published two full length comics, Comando Verde (Green Comando) and Arqueonautas (Archaeonauts). They are often seen as organizers and guests at most Colombian comic book events.

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