The major comics events in Colombia dedicated to comics include Calicomix, with a long tradition in Cali; the ten installments of the Comics and Manga Hall in Medellin; and Entrevinetas (Between Frames), an event mainly held in Bogota led by Daniel Jimenez Quiroz since 2010 and which includes the participation of Pablo Guerra from Club del Comic (The Comics Club). Finally, Los Monos de Oro (The Golden Monkeys), an event that included conferences by academics, publishers, and artists including the late Herb Trimpe and Renato Guedes, was held for the first time in Bogota in 2014 and was one of the activities of the not-for-profit El comic en tinea (The Comic Online), a foundation that endeavors to support and promote comic book creators and artists in Colombia.


Groups of artists include Ave Negra Comics (Black Eagle Comics) with brothers Johann and David Garcia and their hero Saic; Black Mosaic from Barranquilla, a group of ten people devoted to making fanzines in a manga style; DragonFly, with Eric Pavach and Sergio Corradine; Editorial Robot, who publish artists such as Truchafrita, Ivanquio, Jim Pluk, joni b, Mariana Gil, Powerpaola, and Monica Naranjo; Go UP Comics, from Bogota, where Juan Pablo Silva, Jairo Ampudia, Said Atala, Andres Santamarfa, and Roberto Medina have published Bogota Masacre Zombie (Bogota Zombie Massacre), Baktun, Marta Colora, and recently Daniel Greiff’s Ana Cronica; Grafstudio, where Fernando Diaz presents his character Euri in Revelation; L.A. Kenji Ishkawa, Leonardo Acosta’s pseudonym in his Rhinoslayer comics; La Editorial de Historietas (The Comics Publisher), where Champe Ramirez issued the Exogen series, Enrique “Keto” Uribe issued Doppler, and Hache and Feno their black and white Pumaki; SharpBall, made up of Andres Cruz Barrera and brothers Jose Luis and Miguel Jimenez, from Tunja, who created Los Once (The Eleven); Skilldraw, which produces Garabateando (Doodling) in Cartagena; Phycomotion S.A.S. with Maldita (Cursed), Bendita (Blessed), and Neura; and, last but not least, 7Glabs, creators of Zambo Dende, probably the most successful Colombian comic to date, with five issues distributed free of charge with the newspaper ADN, reaching a circulation of 40,000 copies per issue.

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