The Ink Is Finally Drying

As this chapter has shown, Colombia has no comic book industry to speak of, but it does have an adamant group of creators. Most people working the medium are male, although important contributions by women are starting to increase in prominence. Contrary to popular belief, it is the last 20 years in Colombia that has seen the most growth in production of comics, along with a slowly developing readership to support it. As the examples given in this chapter highlight, resilience has been the common ground that has enabled the development of a sequential art movement in Colombia.

Colombian comics are still far away from becoming a developed industry, and it is very unlikely there will be many people, aside from those at 7GLab, making a living from comic books. Yet the artisans are still in their workshops, and every book fair and convention becomes a new pool of ingenious creativity. We, as authors, certainly hope comics continue to evolve in this manner.


1. Colcultura was created in 1968 and in 1997 the newly created Ministry of Culture took over its remit.

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