Netherlands 2016: Foundations for the Future

The Dutch education systemIntroduction and backgroundA snapshot of the Dutch education systemGovernance and financingOutcomes: Quality and equityAppraising the Dutch school systemReferencesImproving quality in early childhood education and care in the NetherlandsWhy early childhood education and care mattersDiverse forms of provisionLevels of participationECEC as a labour market instrumentThe quality of general provision ECECThe effectiveness of the VVE programme in reducing early learning disadvantagesRecommendation 1: Strengthen educational quality in early childhood education and careReferencesMaking sense of early tracking in the NetherlandsThe pros and cons of early trackingSchool selection and its link to trackingThe problem of inconsistent selection criteriaPermeability between tracks after selectionGrade repetition and down-trackingRecommendations 2-4: Reform initial selection process and subsequent permeability of tracksReferencesBuilding student motivation and pursuing excellence in the NetherlandsWhy high-level skills matterExcellence in cognitive skillsWeak motivation among Dutch studentsSchool and teaching practices, and their impactRecommendation 5: Promote and reward student motivation and excellenceReferencesEnhancing teacher professional development in the NetherlandsA life cycle approachAttracting and selecting trainee teachersInitial teacher trainingDifferentiated teaching skillsStarting teachersContinuous professional developmentUnqualified teachersThe teacher career structureRecommendations 6-8: Strengthen teacher professionalism and further develop the career structureReferencesPutting the spotlight on school leaders in the NetherlandsThe limited profile of school leadership issuesDefining what we expect of school leadersBecoming a school leaderStrengthening leadership qualityLeadership for schools as learning organisationsContinuous professional developmentRecommendation 9: Develop a leadership strategy that promotes professional collaboration and a culture of continuous improvementReferencesStrengthening accountability and capacity in Dutch school boardsSchool governanceFinancial instabilityCapacity challenges in school boardsThe accountability challenge for school boardsAccountability through transparencyRecommendations 10-11: Enhance the accountability and capacity of school boards and rebalance their authorityReferences
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