A Staff Training and Supervision Plan to Increase Meaningful Activities

Guidelines for differentiating meaningful versus nonmeaningful activities for adults with autism were presented in Chapter 4, Specifying Criteria for Meaningful Versus Nonmeaningful Activities. Subsequently, Chapter 5, Assessing Meaningful Versus Nonmeaningful Task Participation, described a method for obtaining objective measures of the degree to which participants in center-based programs are involved in meaningful tasks. Those respective chapters provide the information necessary to conduct the first two steps of the evidence-based protocol to improve the meaningfulness of center-based activities. This chapter describes Step 3 of the protocol: developing and implementing a stafftraining and supervision plan.

Review of the Evidence-Based Protocol for Improving the Meaningful Utility of Center-Based Activities

Step 1: Specify criteria for meaningful versus nonmeaningful activities Step 2: Assess individual participation in meaningful versus nonmeaningful activities

Step 3: Develop and implement staff training and supervision plan for changing activities

Step 4: Continue assessment and supervision to maintain meaningful activity participation

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