Follow-Up Staff Meeting

During the follow-up meeting, the clinician should acknowledge and commend meaningful activity changes observed during the classroom visits. Additionally, staff should be encouraged to discuss any other ideas they have for making activities more meaningful as well as any obstacles they have encountered. If the discussion does not bring up the need to acquire certain materials for participant involvement in the new activities, staff also should be queried regarding any materials they may need.

Subsequently, the clinician should make every effort to help resolve any obstacles presented by staff and find ways to obtain additional materials that may be needed. By helping to resolve identified obstacles, the clinician is demonstrating that the agency is committed to supporting the efforts of staff. Finally, at the end of the follow-up meeting, which usually requires no more than an hour, staff should agree on a date when all the new activities and materials will be in place. Staff should likewise be informed that formal observations of their participant activity involvement will resume at that point in the same manner as occurred with the previous (baseline) observations.

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