Maintaining Meaningful Activity Participation

The evidence-based protocol initially presented in Chapter 3, An Evidence-Based Protocol for Improving the Meaningful Utility of Center-Based Activities, has been the framework throughout this text for presenting a step-by-step process to improve the meaningful utility of center-based activities. Subsequent chapters then described the first three steps of the protocol: specifying criteria for meaningful versus nonmeaningful activities, assessing consumer participation in meaningful activities, and developing and implementing a staff training and supervision plan for changing activities. This chapter describes the final step in the protocol, that of maintaining meaningful activity participation over time.

Maintaining staff provision of meaningful activities for center consumers can be a significant challenge. It is well established that changes in staff performance accompanying an initial training or supervision intervention with staff rarely maintain without planned maintenance procedures (Reid et al., in press). Consequently, when improvements in staff provision of meaningful activities has occurred in a center-based program, specific efforts should be undertaken to maintain those improvements.

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