Example Problem

We return to our real estate example pictured (Fig. 9.7).

Boundary Articulation

Based on the analysis of critically heuristic boundary issues of our problem using guidelines found in (Ulrich, 2000) we can generate the boundary critique shown in Table 9.7.

Assessment of our boundary yields a few insights. There is a need for the real estate company to balance near-term and long-term company viability. Local residents have a great deal of power in this decision, more than the developer wishes for them to have. The developer would like to be involved in the decision making process. Finally, zoning regulations play a large part in the project’s success.

Fig. 9.7 Real estate problem

Table 9.7 Boundary critique



What is

What ought to be

Sources of motivation


Profit and long-term viability

Sources of power

Developer, city planning commission, zoning regulations

Developer, city planning commission

Sources of knowledge

City planning commission

Developer, city planning commission

Sources of legitimation

City planning commission, local communities, developer, and customers

City planning commission, developer, and customers

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