IV Observing Systemically

With Part IV, we have now transitioned from the act to the observe phase in the systemic decision making process (as shown in Fig. 1 below, originally from Chap. 3).

We have now thought extensively about each of our constituent problems using each of our six perspectives; that is, we have thought systemically about our problems. We have also acted systemically. We carefully considered our options, chose a course of action, and implemented it. Now, all that is left is to observe systemically. This phase helps us to understand whether or not our actions have had the efficacy we desired. In short, it allows us to learn from all of our efforts thus far. This part of the text is comprised of Chaps. 15-18. Chapter 15 discusses the general process of observation and what can go wrong. Chapter 16 discusses systemic learning to focus on what insights we can gain from this process as it pertains to our mess. Chapter 17 provides a holistic case study outlining all the materials presented thus far. Finally, Chap. 18 provides some concluding thoughts to tie the text together.

Systemic decision making process with feedback

Fig. 1 Systemic decision making process with feedback

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