Trends of Digital Innovation Applied to Accounting Information and Management Control Systems

D. Mancini, R. Lamboglia, N.G. Castellano, and K. Corsi

Abstract The period we live is known as the digital era. The way in which companies work and interact with each other has radically changed. The digitalisation of data, information and flows requires an additional effort of research, especially in the field of accounting information and management control systems, which are under-explored, in order to understand the potentiality, the benefits and the disadvantages of that kind of technologies. The research works published in this book are a selection of the best papers submitted at the Accounting Information Systems track of the XII Annual Conference of the Italian chapter of Association for Information Systems (ItAIS 2014), entitled “Reshaping Organizations through Digital and Social Innovation”.

Keywords Accounting information systems • Digital innovation • Data management • Information systems architecture • Internal reporting • External reporting

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