Cloud Computing Adoption in Italian SMEs A Focus on Decision-making and Post-implementation Processes

Adele Caldarelli, Luca Ferri, and Marco Maffei

Abstract Cloud computing is an emerging model in which machines in large data centres can be used to deliver services in a scalable manner. It allows firms to receive the same internal ICT structure with lower costs and a higher degree of flexibility. With this technology come many disadvantages that can have a major impact on the information and services supported by this technology. This chapter pursues two related aims. First, it investigates the decision-making process of implementing cloud computing by highlighting the drivers and ICT requirements of SMEs. Then, it examines the effects following the migration of the ICT system from an in-house data centre to a cloud-based service. We found specific drivers and ICT requirements, suggesting the implementation of cloud computing in SMEs to oversee specific issues. Moreover, our findings show that the advantages arising post-implementation confirm the expectations created by the management during the decision-making process; meanwhile, at least in the short term, no disadvantages arose.

Keywords Cloud computing • Decision-making process • ICT • Postimplementation process

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