The Implementation of Nespoli Group’s SMA System: Architectural and Theoretical Aspects

In recent years, Nespoli Group started a relevant project with the aim to provide top management and business analysts with reporting information and key indicators that are common across the entire group and that could be analysed in a consistent way with various levels of details.

Dr. Bosisio, the Nespoli Group Chief Information Manager (CIO), declared that DataManager is the powerful and flexible tool utilized for getting deeper into business information, empowering business analysts with OLAP technology. As we said earlier, SMA should be fed by various sources of data; however, the principal source remains a sound and well-running ERP system. Here a problem arises, because the various companies that compose the Nespoli Group are actually running diverse ERP systems, such as legacy systems (IBM AS400), SAP, Oracle and MS Dynamics. Therefore, (1) in the long term, the Group has to choose a single ERP system, and all the companies have to gradually switch to it; (2) in the short term, it is necessary to create a system that can receive data from several sources, clean it and consolidate it.

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