The Common Nespoli Group’s ERP

Dr. Bosisio stated that several considerations forced top management to progressively adopt a unique ERP system throughout the Group:

  • 1. To unify processes and data of all the legal entities
  • 2. To cope with the obsolescence of hardware and connectivity
  • 3. To deal with the increasing number of malfunctions and difficulties in finding spare parts
  • 4. To replace non-updateable software
  • 5. To fight decreasing performance
  • 6. To counteract decreasing security

During 2012, the Group has started a major project for an ERP common to all the companies of the Group itself. A “steering committee” expressly created for this task (1) has defined the specific characteristics that the new software should possess, (2) has performed a software selection and (3) has chosen the hardware architecture and the related organizational aspects.

The steering committee has stated that all the companies of the Nespoli Group have to move towards the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP system in external data centres. This system will unify the bookkeeping and the fiscal accounting of each legal entity composing the Group. Moreover, the steering committee decided to perform a “pilot” implementation in Noelle Group, Nespoli Deutschland and Coronet Germany, treating them as “model company” and considering from the beginning the needs of all the Group’s companies. The project started in September 2012 for Noelle Group, in January 2014 for Nespoli Deutschland and in June 2014 for Coronet Germany.

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