The Nespoli Group’s SMA System

Waiting to have a unique ERP system in all the Group’s companies that will ease the data gathering phase, it was necessary to predispose a sound SMA system to support top management’s activities. For this purpose, it has been developed a proprietary system called DataManager, basically a data warehouse. This system gathers fiscal and managerial data from every company’s transactional system.

DataManager extracts final data by means of appropriate interfaces from those transactional systems. Utilizing listed processes and documented rules, it consolidates the gathered data, and it arranges data sets that can be analysed from final users. This final data allows managers to prepare budgets and forecasts regarding sales, purchases, stock and manufacturing.

The outcome of the Nespoli Group’s SMA system consists in several managerial reports regarding cost classification, job-order costing, process costing, activity- based costing, profit planning and budgeting and advanced reporting. In particular, managers can access SMA via an Excel interface and directly analyse information. In fact, it is possible to modify reports and dynamically choose legal entities, time periods, etc. freely picking the desired dimensions of analysis. A non-exhaustive list comprehends:

  • • Business unit analysis
  • • Market channel analysis
  • • Customer chain analysis
  • • Trend analysis
  • • Stock analysis—expiring/obsolete product, consumption spread, ABC analysis, Stock Health Evaluation
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