Contaminated food must not be allowed to enter the food chain, so the response plan must include a plan for disposal of contaminated livestock or food products and possible decontamination of the facility. Regulatory agencies such as FSIS or FDA are valuable sources to help determine what type of disposal will be needed and who will need to sign off on the plan before contaminated food can be disposed of.

Decontamination of Facilities

A specific plan for general decontamination of the facility, including chemicals and fumigants used to clean the facility, also is needed. Areas that may require decontamination include equipment, vehicles, facilities, personnel, and grounds. Decontamination procedures, beyond general procedures, will be directed by emergency responders and regulatory authorities.

Facility Map

A map of the operation or facility will be vital to emergency responders in any situation. The map should provide contact information for the owner or operator of the facility and show the following:

  • • The facility in relationship to other properties, structures, or environmental landmarks, such as streams;
  • • Road access, transportation routes, perimeter boundaries, and gates, including their dimensions;
  • • Locations of utilities, septic, and sewer systems; and
  • • Buildings, with doors and windows marked, and outbuildings, as well as building systems, such as ventilation, air conditioning, and heating.
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