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Plan Reviews

Reviews of the food defense plan must be conducted every 3 years, at a minimum, but also can be triggered by changes in the operation, such as a new product line or category of livestock, change of supplier, expanded customer base, addition of new technology, newly developed or updated procedures, or change of food defense coordinator. The review should answer the following questions:

  • • Are the countermeasures continuing to reduce the risk of intentional contamination in vulnerable areas?
  • • Do new products or categories require additional countermeasures to reduce the risk of intentional contamination?
  • • Do new or updated procedures require additional countermeasures?
  • • Has supplier, customer, and employee contact information been updated?

Plan Tests

Tests of the food defense plan can be conducted randomly or scheduled two to four times a year, as determined by the food defense team, which should select an interval that is practical for the operation. The general purpose of these tests is to determine if the countermeasures are reducing the risk of intentional contamination. If the countermeasures are not adequately reducing risk, then new countermeasures should be developed and implemented. Tests that might be used include exercises in mock tampering, product quarantine, product recall, random food security checks, and computer system challenges. Specific areas to be checked include entry points to ensure that they are locked or secured, signage to ensure it is in place and legible, procedural compliance regarding uniforms and employee personal items, inventory log sheets to ensure they are being filed and properly maintained, and entry logs maintained for sensitive areas to be sure they are accurate and up to date.

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